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JFileSync - Java File Synchronization  v.2.2

JFileSync is a Java application used to synchronize directories of two different file systems. For instance, you want to synchronize a set of directories on your laptop with a set of corresponding directories on your

PowerFolder  v.3.0.0

PowerFolder is a free tool to synchronize,backup,transfer,access and share files over the internet or local network. It can be used to exchange every type of data, for example - documents, photos, music, videos or project files.

Auto FTP Free  v.3.59

Free FTP software automates file transfer with schedule and filters

Starter  v.2.1

Start programs its helps to start several programs at one time. It will be useful if you want to start 10 program at one time.

Directories Synchronizer  v.2.1rc2

The goal is to synchronize 2 directories. This application will synchronize all the files and all the sub-directories, and prompt the user to confirm all the moves. It's written in python and with

Directory Synchronize Pro (DirSync Pro)  v.32

DirSync Pro is a powerfull, easy to configure tool to synchronize the content of a directory to another. It can compare (e.g. size, modified-date, ...) and synchronize an unlimitted number of directories and has a detailed

Mtpsync - synchronize MTP devices  v.0.1

This command line program can be used to synchronize local directories with an MTP device like an MP3-Player or a digital camera. The program uses the gphoto2

DirSync Pro (Directory Synchronize Pro)  v.1.0

DirSync Pro is a powerfull, easy to configure tool to synchronize the content of a directory to another. It can compare (e.g. size, modified-date, ...) and synchronize an unlimitted number of directories and has a detailed logging-function.

Folder Synchronize Script Editor  v.3.2

Folder Synchronize Script Editor is a companion, stand alone program to Folder Synchronize and, alternatively, Directory Toolkit. The Script Editor is used to generate (or edit) script files that can then be used with Folder Synchronize (Ver 2.7+) or

Free Synchronize  v.1.0

Free Synchronize 1.0 brings you an effective manager tool which lets you synchronize your files and folders. Free Synchronize is a complete file and folder synchronization software application that can be used to quickly and easily get the latest

Portable Remove Empty Directories  v.2.2

Remove Empty Directories is a handy tool specially designed to allow you to remove empty folders recursively. This is a tiny, simple application designed to searche and delete empty directories recursively below a given start folder. And before

VSS to SVN synchronize  v.1.0

A pure java application to synchronize Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database to the Subversion version control system (SVN). In the course of synchronization of a items path can be matched. The application can be started on any java-compatible

Synchronize your file  v.1.0

synchronize your files from anywhere , office , and etc. only you need just run the program and enjoy

Goosync - Synchronize GMail Accounts  v.1.0

A utility to synchronize a site's Google Mail directory with an input file in CSV format. Useful for schools wishing to provide Gmail to students and having available a student information system of some kind from which student names can be ...

Synchronize Slide Content with JXTA  v.1.0

Java JXTA based Integration of Jakarta Slide and the JXTA P2P network, allowing any number of Slide Content Management Servers to synchronize content via Secure JXTA Pipes. The JXTA Peer Groups will coincide with the content to be syncrhonized.

Better Directories  v.1.2.6

Makes boring http(s) directories look better and be more functional

Automatically Backup and Copy Multiple Files to Multiple Directories and Multiple Folders  v.9.0

If you are looking for an easy way to copy multiple files from various locations on your harddrive to multiple folders, then this software is for you! With this software: You can easily backup files at regular intervals! You no longer need to worry

Remove Empty Directories  v.2.2

RED searches and deletes empty folders recursively below a given start folder.

Zip Multiple Folders and Multiple Directories into zipfiles  v.9.0

Easily zip multiple folders all at once! No need to have to manually go through each folder one by one! Do you have a bunch of different folders that you need zipped all at once? Perhaps you want to archive/and make backups of important documents

Dolomite - Directories Led by Members  v.1.0

This software allows to manage an LDAP directory in a collaborative way. Anybody with an account can invite somebody else. The real name of the recruit is certified by his/her sponsor.

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